Whether you’re cooling your home in the summer or heating it in the winter, you want to be confident the HVAC system in your Mesquite, Texas, home will be ready when you need it. That’s why having a trained technician perform routine maintenance checks on your equipment is so important. Here are five things homeowners should expect their technician to do during routine maintenance.

Check and Change Filters

Your technicians should examine your HVAC system’s filters at each maintenance check to ensure they’re clean and appropriately sized for your system. If the filters are clogged with dirt, they’ll swap the old ones for new.

Clean Your Outside Unit

Your technicians will thoroughly clean your unit’s condenser coil and remove any leaves, dirt, or debris that surround the main cabinet. This increases efficiency, improves your energy savings, and reduces wear and tear on the system. When conducting the exterior inspections, technicians will also check the unit for damage.

Calibrate the Thermostat

Technicians will check your thermostat and confirm it’s properly calibrated and responding to manual changes to the program. They may also review your settings to ensure the system is heating and cooling at the appropriate times and reaching the set temperatures.

Perform an Overall Inspection

During the inspection, technicians will also check the base pan and clear any blocked condensate drains. A blocked drain can encourage biological growth, cause water damage to your home, and contribute to high humidity levels. They’ll also test electrical connections and look for any frayed or damaged wiring that could be causing your system to operate in an unsafe manner.

Your HVAC system is a significant investment, so make sure you’re taking good care of it with routine maintenance. Our technicians at Willard Heating and Air Conditioning are trained to perform a thorough check of your system and can give you the confidence you need to be ready for whatever weather is coming. Call us at 972-564-9785 to schedule your next maintenance check.

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